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MY TURN works with vulnerable youth populations and adults with barriers to success including: low income, homeless, court involved, high school dropouts, disabled, pregnant/parenting teens, basic skills deficient, immigrants and English language learners. We operate 20 programs in gateway cities across New Hampshire and into Massachusetts characterized by high rates of immigrants, poverty, dropouts and unemployment. MY TURN works to unleash the full potential in people, regardless of circumstance, helping them chart a course to a bright future. We help individuals develop the goals, skills and confidence needed to transition successfully into post-secondary education or training and the world of work.


MY TURN works to unleash the full potential in people, regardless of circumstance, helping them chart a course to a bright future. We serve youth, adults and families throughout New England at transitional points in their lives by offering comprehensive career services and academic support. We remove critical barriers impacting their success, all with a holistic, on-going approach that supports each individual participant.


MY TURN envisions a world where all individuals, regardless of circumstance, know they are valued and respected; have access to high quality academic and employment opportunities; and have the support necessary to achieve success and fulfillment to the benefit of their communities.


Barry Garside, President

Associate Vice President Academic Affairs, Nashua Community College


Angel Burgado, Vice President

Community Partnership Manager, Santander Bank


Butch Locke, Secretary

Strategic Operations Director, BAE Systems


Anne Garside, Treasurer

Chief Actuary, Plymouth Rock Assurance

Justin Chauvin, Director

Regional Commercial Sales Representative, Builder Installed Products

Chris Picou, Director

Chief Technology Officer, Measured Progress

Sara Dionne, Director

Chief Learning Officer, Comcast


Jennifer Conroy, Director

Senior Director, Americas Sales Strategy & Operations, Sitecore


Jon Mason, Director

Corporate Continuing Education Coordinator, Nashua Community College


Patrick Queenan, Director

Trial Attorney Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice


Robin Remillard, Director

Realtor, East Key Realty

Andrew Davenport, Director

Program Manager, BAE Systems

Lydia Zak, Director

School Psychologist Consultant, South Eastern Regional Educational Service Center

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JW Headshot.png

Executive Director


Deputy Director


Director of
Finance & Development


Director of
MA Programs


JW Williams
Director of
Secondary Pathways


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