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  • How Is MY TURN Funded?
    MY TURN receives funding from several places. Our largest grants come from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds that the federal government distributes to each state. We also receive funding from a variety of different local and national foundations and grant makers each year. Lastly, donations from businesses and individuals like yourself make up about 15% of our annual budget.
  • When and Where can I Enroll In MY TURN?
    Our programs begin enrolling new participants in April of each year. Between April and July we will enroll most of our annual caseload. Often our Employment Plus Programs will enroll an additional wave of participants during the winter months to replace the participants from April - July who have already completed training and found employment. However, YOU CAN ENROLL AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR IF WE HAVE SPACE AND YOU ARE RIGHT FOR THE PROGRAM! Contact your local staff for more information about joining our programs.
  • Who Is Eligible For MY TURN?
    We work with a wide range of participants and evaluate each candidate's eligibility individually. The following groups of people will usually qualify for one of our training programs: pregnant/parenting homeless disabled high school dropout habitually truant low income one or more grade level behind peers
  • What Makes MY TURN Different From Other Agencies?
    What sets MY TURN apart from other youth serving agencies is our culture - "above & beyond" is just our baseline. MY TURN staff are chosen and rewarded for their exhibition of MY TURN's 5 Core Values: Empowerment: Staff empower youth to manage and adapt to change, while contributing to and generating positive changes in their lives and environments. Enthusiasm: Staff are excited about and proud of the work that they are doing. It takes a special type of person to work with a challenging youth population. Enthusiasm and positive energy serve youth very well and contribute to an exciting and personally rewarding work experience. The work environment encourages staff to do what they love and to love what they do. Integrity: It is important to bring to the job a well-developed understanding of your set of principles. Adherence to this set of principles established credibility in the hearts and minds of youth, families and coworkers. While one’s values may change or even be challenged on the job, it is the ability to be consistent in relationships and accountable in one’s actions that truly determines a person’s integrity. Relentlessness: Meeting the challenges of the youth we serve requires relentlessness. Staff sometimes have to go above and beyond their job description. The culture of MY TURN always will support you in this process. The relentlessness of our approach truly defines MY TURN’s success as an organization. Excellence: Measuring performance in relation to your own personal goals and expectations, as well as applying the evaluation methods of MY TURN, will help you to excel in your work.

If you have a question about MY TURN and don't see it listed below, please contact your friendly MY TURN Staff and they will be happy to help you out!

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